Sears Silvertone Radio-Record Player/Recorder

This very nifty radio unit was purchased at an auction in Chandler, Oklahoma in the summer of 2002. It is one of the most interesting radios to ever live in my collection. It can play and record records (it could, that is, the crystal head are shot) from the radio, a microphone, or both together. A classy tuning eye tells you when you've got the station tuned in on the radio receive mode, and indicates record volume on all other settings. On yet another setting, the unit can be used as a PA system, and the tuning eye will indicate volume.

Above, an overview of this fine radio.

Below, the controls and player/recorder. The knobs are from left to right: Tone, Function, Off/Volume, and Tuning.

Above, a close-up of the controls around the eye tube.

Below, a close-up of the unusual two-tonearm player. The smaller arm is for playback. The larger arm is for recording and is driven across the turntable via a feedscrew.

Below, view of eye operation in low light, Radio mode. The smaller picture to the right is the eye glowing in a totally darkened room.

The photo below shows the chassis, phono motor and all the big shouldered glass tubes. I did a complete electronic restoration of this set and it now plays great! In my restoration, I also added a 1/4" jack to the microphone lead wire, since the original end had already been messed with many times. Note the ordinary cabinet hinges for the lid.

I don't know why anybody would thinks so, but there is nothing magical about how the eye tube mounts. No explanation needed here.

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