"An hour with a book would have brought to your mind, The secret that took a whole year to find; The facts that you learned at enormous expense, were all all on a library shelf to commence."-FDG

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Libre Maps USGS Quads The Bridge Page
Menotomy Vintage Bicycles The Oklahoma Highways History Page
Harris Cyclery The Mechanical Music Page
Phil's Old Radios The Antique Technology Page
Fan Collector's Association Website The Radio & Electronics Page
The Radiola Guy The Television Page
J H Kunstler, Architectural & Urban Critic The Telephone Page
Ballreich Brothers The Office Machines Page
Museum of Unworkable Devices The Clock Page
The Lost Highway The Engine Page
Lewis Loflin The 16mm Film Page
Aladdin Incandescent Mantle Lamps The Fan Page
Westclox and Telechron History The Bicycle Page
Science, Pseudoscience, and Irrationalism The Antique Lighting Page
Engineering for Everyone The Truck Page
1947-present Chevy Truck Forum The Sewing Machine Page
Gabe's Tube Amps The Phonograph Page

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